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  • Run

    Every month
    • Club, Track, and Shiver from above
    • Personalized run training plan through Training Peaks App
    • Weekly check-in with Coach Lucas
    • Includes goal-setting talk and race prep strategy
    • Athlete rate for 1-hour sessions with Coach Lucas
  • Run Plus

    Every month
    • Run Plan
    • Dedicated coaching with accountability and support
    • Training workouts for hybrid athlete
    • 1 video call each month with Coach Lucas
  • Hybrid Pro

    Every month
    • Run Plus Plan
    • 2x per week in-house personalized training with Coach Lucas
  • Land Sharks Club

    Every year
    • Access to group fun runs with the Land Sharks
    • Access to promo codes for races
    • Kids under age 12 are free
  • Land Sharks Track

    Every month
    • Free Club membership
    • Access to track and speed day workouts
    • Kids under age 12 are free
  • Land Sharks Shiver

    Every month
    • Free Club and free Track memberships
    • Access to The Shiver Group on Facebook
    • Weekly discussion topics presented by Coach Lucas
  • Fit For Life

    Every week
    • Over 25% Hourly Rate Discount
    • 2x per week (1-on-1)
    • Personal training with Coach Lucas

Fit for Life Group - Coming Soon
Personal training with Coach Lucas
2x per week in a small group (4-to-1 ratio)
Select times offered. Book in advance.

Available when training facility is up and running

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